Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Audrey Claire

Her name is one of my favorites...just love saying it! I will never forget the day that Mary called me to tell me she was pregnant...then when she called to tell me it was a girl...and of course the call I got from Aunt Sherri telling me that Audrey had arrived! I was sitting in my classroom at Bonaire Elementary School reading a book to my students...we were all waiting for the call as we knew Mary was in labor and all my students knew who Mary was. The phone rang and within minutes I was crying sweet tears of joy! My students were jumping up and down and we spent the rest of the day making cards for Mary and Audrey. I first held her when she was barely 24 hours old...such a cute little Eskimo in my arms! From that moment I was in love! (How could you not be? Have you seen the girl?)

I had the best day with her the other day and I wanted to reminisce....thought I would share! Usually when I end up keeping the girls I end up running around chasing Sloane and completely miss talking to Audrey. I was babysitting the other day for a couple hours and Sloane slept the entire time I was there...missed that happy girl but it gave me and Audrey tons of time to just talk and play.

I can't believe that she will be starting kindergarten in less than a week!! She is a bit nervous about being away from Mary all day but kinda excited at the same time. Since I had experience talking "school" she and I sat down for about an hour and talked about how great kindergarten was going to be. She didn't know that they would still get to have recess, eat snacks, play with toys, and have show-n-tell. You should have seen her face when I told her that not only would she get to do all of that but she would have art class, computer class, field day, book fairs and so much more! I told her about my experience teaching elementary school and how fun kindergarten actually was. (now 1st grade is when it really changes -watch out Audg!!)

After all of our school talk, she set up a stage in the living room and performed her latest gymnastics/dance routine. She almost has her cartwheel perfected! And her front roll is amazing! We laughed and talked about how Sloane was too young to be doing all of this fun stuff - Audrey definitely felt like a big girl! Then we went outside and played on the swing set....well, she played as I sat in a chair and cheered her on!

All in all, it was a great time with Audrey and a day that I will remember. I can't wait to hear how her first day at kindergarten goes....I am just sure she is going to love it! So, Audrey Claire...your Andelle loves you and hopes that we can have many more days together like last Thursday. I love you sweet pea!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Couple Friends

You know when you get married you kinda have to be friends with your spouse's friends as well? And you just pray and pray and hope that you all get along....well, these two hit the spot!

Lee has known Jonathan since he was about 5 years old and they have been best of friends since about middle school. Jonathan was a bachelor when Lee and I first started dating and was always one of my favorites. He is the SWEETEST guy you have ever met...but not too sweet if you know what I mean. He graciously helped Lee put in our hardwood floors when we bought our house. If you have never done this...you have NO idea how much work goes into it! (well, especially when you have two analytical, perfectionist guys) Lee and Jonathan talk in their own language even...straight movie lines! Tommy Boy being one of their all time favorites...

Jonathan soon started dating Jennifer and I will never forget the first time I met her. They came over to our house to watch a movie and order some pizza....I don't even know if we watched the movie. We talked and laughed and laughed some more! Jennifer is the type of person that you feel like you have known your entire life after 5 minutes - everyone loves her! We now eat dinner with them once a week at one of our houses. (with our menagerie of 5 dogs!)

They just got married this past September (such a great month for weddings) and will not be traveling far for their anniversary this year as it is near my due date. Jonathan (and Jennifer) is super excited about Eli coming and he doesn't want to miss a thing! How can you not love that?? We are their "pregnant people" and I love it!

This past Saturday Jennifer drove me to my shower and kept me laughing the entire time. I am really surprised we made it actually! She helped me get dressed, wrap my hostess gifts, load and unload my car, and so much more. She was a dream! Jonathan was helping Lee build a shelf in Eli's room - which by the way, looks amazing! I am so mad that I don't have a picture of me and Jennifer from the shower (especially since it was her 1st baby shower) but I wanted to let them both know that they are loved in the Copeland home. We are beyond blessed in the friendship department!

8 Months

Since I have been so terrible at posting lately (mostly due to organzing my house and camera on the blink) I thought I would post a couple today. Aren't you excited??

I was 32 weeks or 8 months last Wednesday so about 7 1/2 weeks left as of now. I feel as though my belly has really popped lately and my belly button is getting ready to go completely flat. Lee thinks that is the best part! He just giggles and giggles when I show him my belly button. Latest happenings:

  • Eli gets the hiccups about 2 - 3 times a day ususally. I love them except when it is 2am and I am trying to sleep!

  • My birthmark which used to reside right above my belly button is now about 4 inches above my belly button - WOW!

  • Eli is pretty big right now - he is over 4 lbs which is a little above average and his head is measuring above average. Just what a girl wants to hear??!! I am hoping he had a growth spurt early and will even out in the next couple weeks.

  • I had my first shower on July 13th at Kim's house. (Lee's stepmom) It was so much fun! I will post pictures soon - a little behind on those. Sorry!

  • We are working on the nursery daily - it will be painted by tonight. Yippee!! Lee added a shelf (that is beautiful) around part of the room. Perfect for me to put all the books I have gotten! There again, will post pictures soon.

  • I am currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Eli - he loves it! He just kicks and moves all around while I read aloud to him.

  • My wedding rings are off! My fingers are starting to swell and I am terrified of them getting stuck on there. I am wearing a little gold ring that says Love on it - my dad gave it to my mom when she was 16 yrs old. (they just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary)

  • Eli has dropped down so I don't have indigestion as bad - only when I eat Mexican food. I should stop but it is SOO tasty!

  • I am going to the doctor every two weeks now and everything is right on schedule.

Shower of Love

How do I begin to even explain the shower I had on Saturday? My closest "sisters" hosted a baby shower for me at my mom's house and it was beyond wonderful! Have you ever just had that day where you felt completely loved? That was this day for me. (and for Eli)

Melinda came up with the "Nesting" theme and the house was decorated with bird nests and bird houses - so pretty! My brother even helped handpaint all the bird houses. Gotta love him! There were 8 "sisters" who threw this lavish shower but so many more that showed up...even all the way from Perry and Rochelle! (they were surprises)
Mary helped plan the most delicious menu of foods - all of my favorites! She even made chicken salad with all of my favorite things in it - who does that? Rebekah made sure that the Brie bake was made with pasturized brie so that I could eat it - again, great friends!! My mom (who graciously hosted this event at her house) made my favorite coconut cake that is to die for! We were all fighting for the leftovers at the end of the day! (Eli and I still got the bigger piece - haha) I could go on and on about the awesome food and all who prepared it but I haven't had breakfast yet and it is making me hungry! :)
Rebekah came up with a great idea for everyone to bring a quilting square of fabric that matched Eli's nursery colors. This was a surprise - I couldn't even see the invitation until Saturday! (you know that was killing me!) Everyone brought such neat fabric - Susan (my friend from Perry) even cut out a square from an outfit she had made her son, Ben (whom I adore). Now we will put them all together and make a quilt (think there might be enough for a LARGE quilt) to put in Eli's room. I can't wait to see it all put together!

There were no silly games to be played - just talking and laughing until we cried! It is amazing to sit in a room surrounded by 20 or so of your best girlfriends in the world. Everyone went around and introduced themselves and how they knew me - it took about an hour! We all told stories and laughed and cried as the introductions took place. Eli got so many wonderful gifts - monogrammed blankets, handmade burp clothes, vintage books, activity centers, pewter rattles, and so much more. Lee even got a new camo diaper bag from Cass! Two of Lee's closest friends were even there which made the event so special. I think Lee's favorite gift of the day was the newborn onesie that said "My Daddy drives a Toyota" - Great job LauraLee!! Now my sweet Eli is going to come home in that instead of the sweet Pixie Lily outfit my mom got him! :)

Here are som extra shots of the great day - thanks again girls!!

Melissa, Me, Amy

Me opening up gifts and loving my friends!

Me and Mary

Melin so excited to be an aunt!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Things About Me...

I found a new blog today....old friend from high school...Tracey Greene. She did this and I am hoping I can come up with 100 random things! Maybe you will learn something about me...
  1. My name is Helen Danielle Moore Copeland. (I just couldn't drop the Moore)
  2. I am 31 years old.
  3. My birthday is August 25th - Virgo!
  4. I married James Lee Copeland on September 30, 2006.
  5. I am currently 8 months pregnant with our first child.
  6. We are naming our little boy - James Eli Copeland and calling him Eli.
  7. I am currently HOT! Our AC is not working properly and I am dying! (not literally but when you are this pregnant every degree makes a difference)
  8. We have two Jack Russell Terriers - Winston and Roscoe.
  9. We live in Covington, GA and love it!
  10. I love my old ranch style house - so quiet!
  11. I drive an Acura and loving the gas mileage right now!
  12. I love to read.
  13. I love to go to the library and smell books.
  14. I don't want to take my wedding rings off but my fingers are swelling in this heat.
  15. I am crazy in love with my husband!
  16. I love his bald/shaved head!
  17. My family is my everything.
  18. My dad is my hero.
  19. My mom is the best.
  20. My brother is my best friend.
  21. My SEESTER (Melin) is my soul mate.
  22. I am so excited about being a mom to Eli!
  23. I am in love with my dogs! (and hope I still will be when Eli comes)
  24. I love going to lunch with my Mema.
  25. My cousins are my friends and I treasure that!
  26. I love the fabric I am doing Eli's bedding in! (I want my bedding to be it too)
  27. I really enjoy cooking and am thrilled when someone compliments me on it.
  28. I love to see my dad crinkle up and smile.
  29. My brother's hugs are by far the best in the world!
  30. My grandmother Glo is the sweetest and best!
  31. I love Lee's family which is so nice.
  32. I love to wear heels and really miss them now that I am pregnant.
  33. But I also love to wear flip flops and am so glad that I can wear them everyday right now.
  34. I love to wear skirts.
  35. Jeans are like a best friend...love them!
  36. My left ear lobe is torn.
  37. I have freckles.
  38. My hair is naturally curly (really curly) but I wear it straight a lot.
  39. I have only lived in Georgia but in many different cities.
  40. I loved my condo across from the Fox in Atlanta.
  41. Mike was the best roomie!
  42. I don't like to clean.
  43. I LOVE to iron.
  44. I am picky about what iron I will use. (I admit I am a Rowenta snob!)
  45. I love DVR.
  46. I enjoy reality shows like American Idol, Bachelorette, The Hills and The Reas Housewives of Orange County. (but not the New York one)
  47. I love Grey's Anatomy and General Hospital.
  48. My mom just met Patrick Dempsey on Saturday and I am jealous.
  49. I love Justin Timberlake.
  50. I love to look at Beckham but I hate his voice.
  51. I love celebrity tabloids and websites.
  52. My favorite celebrity magazine is US Weekly.
  53. My favorite celebrity website is www.celebrity-babies.com
  54. I love Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner - think they would be my choice of friends if I were an actress.
  55. I love that Roscoe loves me now. (he was abused and didn't like anyone when we got him)
  56. Eli is kicking me right now and I love it!
  57. I have brown eyes w/ hazel or green rims.
  58. I get them from my mom who has beautiful eyes.
  59. I have been blessed with the best friends.
  60. Mary is who I hope to emulate as a mom.
  61. I love jewelry - diamonds and sapphires.
  62. I wish I had the nerve to cut my hair off in a super short bob. (maybe this winter!)
  63. I enjoy watching soccer and hope Eli will play.
  64. I love invitations and wish I owned an invitation shop.
  65. I used to be a middle school teacher.
  66. I work in Sales now.
  67. I am not particularly fond of flying.
  68. I want to find a church home in Covington.
  69. I love praise music - it soothes me!
  70. I hate talk radio.
  71. I love big trucks - think they are sexy!
  72. I wish I could sing.
  73. Have I mentioned that I am jealous of my mom for meeting Patrick Dempsey? :)
  74. I hate Target Registry - they are awful at returns.
  75. I love to read aloud to Eli. (reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now)
  76. Pasta is my favorite thing to eat.
  77. I love sweet tea...well, half sweet and half unsweet with a lot of ice!
  78. Lee and I love to watch movies.
  79. I enjoy sitting outside under my pergola (that Lee built) and enjoy my backyard.
  80. I miss teaching somedays.
  81. I love singing with Mike.
  82. My birthmark has moved up my belly 3 inches! (all pregnancy related)
  83. I like to look at other people's pictures.
  84. I always have on lip gloss and mascara.
  85. I enjoy sleeping! (and am missing it lately!)
  86. I have a favorite pillow.
  87. I am not a good student - didn't like school much.
  88. I am named after my great grandmother - Helen Daniel.
  89. I wish my nails would stay long.
  90. I like getting mail.
  91. I love to take vacations with my friends, my husband or my family.
  92. I played Scarlett O'Hara for a summer at Stone Mtn. Park.
  93. I wish my house was completely organized. (working on that!)
  94. It takes me a long time to fall asleep. (it takes Lee 4 seconds)
  95. I am thrilled that I am having a son!
  96. I hate spiders and snakes.
  97. I love purses!
  98. I like talking on the phone.
  99. I married the man of my dreams.
  100. I am thankful for my family, my health, my child, and my friends.

Now...let's see if you can do it??? I dare ya!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bulletin Catch Up

Ok...I know...SLACKER!!! Here are some quick bulletins about what is going on with me...will post pictures soon.

  • Now in the 3rd trimester - woohoo! I am currently 29 weeks today so only about 11 weeks to go. Kinda scary but so excited! Eli is growing and all is well with the pregnancy - I feel great, getting bigger, and loving my time with just him! I don't want to give that up actually.

  • We went to New Orleans last Thursday for Lee's cousin's wedding. It was such a good trip! HOT but good! The food was yummy (Lee tells me since I am not really into cajun/spicy food) and it was so wonderful visiting with his family that we don't get to see that much. Gretchen (professional dancer/ballerina) was THE MOST gorgeous bride - she floated down the aisle. Dave (her new husband) is a wild man and loves to dance. Needless to say, it was a rocking reception!!

  • From New Orleans we headed to Seagrove Beach to meet the other half of Lee's family. We are staying in a house with his dad, Kim, Bobby (his little bro), David (Bobby's friend), Joey (another bro), Crissy (his girlfriend), Robin (Kim's sis) and Ron (her hubby). There are 10 of us in here but the house is very spacious! We have our own pool - PRAISE THE LORD! - so it makes it bearable for me. The beach is just way too hot for me during the day. I usually head down there around 4pm to enjoy the last couple hours with the family. They were so gracious to give us the master suite since we had just spent 3 nights in a hotel sleeping in a double bed and sharing the room with Luke and Missy. We are trying to figure out what to do with ourselves in a big ole king sized bed (which I LOVE by the way) - Lee keeps asking why I am all the way on the other side of the bed?! haha

  • We headed to Seaside last night for dinner at The Great Southern Cafe Restuarant. We had eaten there during our honeymoon and loved it! Lee and I got away and had a little romantic dinner and then met everyone at the ampitheatre in Seaside to listen to a calypso band. It was fun!

We will be back on the 7th and I will post some new pictures of my growing belly! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday! Love you! xoxo