Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bulletin Catch Up

Ok...I know...SLACKER!!! Here are some quick bulletins about what is going on with me...will post pictures soon.

  • Now in the 3rd trimester - woohoo! I am currently 29 weeks today so only about 11 weeks to go. Kinda scary but so excited! Eli is growing and all is well with the pregnancy - I feel great, getting bigger, and loving my time with just him! I don't want to give that up actually.

  • We went to New Orleans last Thursday for Lee's cousin's wedding. It was such a good trip! HOT but good! The food was yummy (Lee tells me since I am not really into cajun/spicy food) and it was so wonderful visiting with his family that we don't get to see that much. Gretchen (professional dancer/ballerina) was THE MOST gorgeous bride - she floated down the aisle. Dave (her new husband) is a wild man and loves to dance. Needless to say, it was a rocking reception!!

  • From New Orleans we headed to Seagrove Beach to meet the other half of Lee's family. We are staying in a house with his dad, Kim, Bobby (his little bro), David (Bobby's friend), Joey (another bro), Crissy (his girlfriend), Robin (Kim's sis) and Ron (her hubby). There are 10 of us in here but the house is very spacious! We have our own pool - PRAISE THE LORD! - so it makes it bearable for me. The beach is just way too hot for me during the day. I usually head down there around 4pm to enjoy the last couple hours with the family. They were so gracious to give us the master suite since we had just spent 3 nights in a hotel sleeping in a double bed and sharing the room with Luke and Missy. We are trying to figure out what to do with ourselves in a big ole king sized bed (which I LOVE by the way) - Lee keeps asking why I am all the way on the other side of the bed?! haha

  • We headed to Seaside last night for dinner at The Great Southern Cafe Restuarant. We had eaten there during our honeymoon and loved it! Lee and I got away and had a little romantic dinner and then met everyone at the ampitheatre in Seaside to listen to a calypso band. It was fun!

We will be back on the 7th and I will post some new pictures of my growing belly! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday! Love you! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Which house did ya'll stay at? Was there a picture of Emeril cooking in the kitchen? Can't wait to see you pregnant!

Bailey said...

It's about time you updated us!! haha Feels like it has been forever! Can't wait for pictures !

The White Family said...

Hey Danielle-
I came across your blog from Jessica's. Congrats on the new baby! You will be an awesome mom.

~Jennifer Strawn-White

Anonymous said...

i must tell you they i do love reading your updates, i need more pictures of eli in da belly. i cannot wait to meet that little bambino!!! i love him so much already. you is going to be so lucky to play dolls with millie you know!!!

kristin & millie-mae

kristinandmillie said...