Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Supper Club

So Rebekah came up with a great idea to have a Supper Club and our first one was on Valentine's Night. (sorry for the late post) You would never have known that Beka didn't like (I mean, LOVE) Valentine's Day. We all walked in the Vepraskas home and about fell looked like Martha Stewart had literally come in and set up to photograph a Valentine's Dinner Party. I mean she had rented tables, chairs, tableclothes, satin napkins (YES!!)...had cut out hearts and made gorgeous place cards and drink tags...candles and flowers everywhere. It was GORGEOUS! We all sat at one long table and used real china...what grownups we are! It was a night of laughter, friendship and love. The best part was listening to the guys tell how we all met and how they proposed...sweet treat for the night of love! Can't wait till next time...but who's calling Martha to decorate?? :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

5 Months

Time sure does fly when you are having fun! My sweet little man is 5 months old today and is constantly changing. He is such a joy!! Lee and I really are having the best time with him and are in awe that God blessed us with such a healthly, energetic, wonderful baby boy. I could go on and on about how amazing he is...but I will spare you! haha Here is what's been going on with Eli the past month:
  • Found his feet and is constantly grabbing them and holding on (am sure it won't be long before they are in his mouth)
  • Loves to play with toys now - his blue monkey rattle, teething rings, colorful hungry caterpillar, glow worm are his current favorites

  • He LOVES to jump!! Now he can fit into the jumperoo that you hang from the doorway - it is by far the cutest thing you have ever seen!

  • He can stand up in his exersaucer and spin around to play with all the toys. His favorite are the ones that spin around and make noise. Thanks J/J for getting him this - it really helps me get things done around the house! :)
  • He started really loving on blankets when he would see them so we gave him one to hold onto. He loves it! (Thanks Gretchen!) His other current nap time fave is his blabla doll from The Roscoe's. I need to name him! (any suggestions? He is a green monkey)

  • We have tried rice cereal - he pushes it out of his mouth with his tongue and makes the cutest face. He really doesn't like it yet but I keep trying it every couple days.

  • He HATES a bottle - little booger is so spoiled because I can nurse him (since I am at home during the day) but he has to learn how to love it again. We didn't have a problem with it when he was younger - would suck it down - but not now. He won't have anything to do with it and will actually throw a temper tantrum. We just don't back down and he will finally drink some of it when he gets hungry enough. (Don't worry - he isn't starving!!)

  • Still loves to take a bath - he kicks, splashes the water and goes under the water. I was scared of the water when I was little and I don't want that for him. We put him under for the first time when he was 3 weeks old. Now once of his favorite things is to be in the shower with Daddy and go under the spray/water. He is going to start swimming lessons this summer. :)

  • He hates to be on his tummy and rolling over. Will only do it every now and then. Would much rather be sitting up or standing with help. We laugh b/c his abs must be so worn out - if he is laying down he constantly does sit ups just trying to sit up by himself. Won't be long now!

  • He is sleeping thru the night now from about 9pm until 8am. He started doing this on his own once he doubled his birthweight.

  • He weighs about 13.5 lbs and is 25 inches long. Little booger but just as healthy as can be!

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Weekend!! I am going to take some 5 month pictures of Eli this weekend...will post them soon! xoxo

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some of my Favorite Blogs I have admitted that I am a Blog what? Most of you are and probably won't admit it and if you're need too! I haven't been able to sit down with a good book lately...just not in the mood...but give me 10 blogs to catch up on and that will satisfy me...well, almost. Blog reading doesn't satisfy my sense of smell...something about the smell of a book! Anyway, here are a couple of my favorites:

***Before anyone gets upset that their blog isn't on here - I read all of my girlfriends and family blogs - those don't count b/c I comment on them. These are ones I STALK! And I don't read all of these every day - would never have the time.***

Other Mom's/Parenting Advice/So on:

Big Mama - probably my all time favorite - she is hilarious! Good dose of Texas fun!

Jessica Turner - we were pregnant at the same time - she had Elias a couple months before I had Eli. Very creative and easy to read site! If you like scrapbooking - she's your girl!

Anderson Crew - mother of 3 little ones - great photographer and I LOVE the layout and colors on her blog.

Kelly's Korner - new mom of Harper born this month - she just came home from the NICU. Kelly is just a breath of fresh air!!

NieNie Dialogues - you may of heard of this family on the news or around the Blog world. Stephanie and her husband were in a private plane crash (in August) and suffered serious burns all over their bodies. They are parents to four incredible little ones. She was in a medically induced coma for months and her sister's took the kids and kept up her blog b/c it already had thousands of blog stalkers like me. She is back...starting to keep up the blog again! Amazing story!! (you should definitely read her older posts to read the before/after)


Nesting Place - The Nester is known all around the Blog World. She is my all time favorite! Her mistreatments are incredible, cheap and easy! I am making some soon.

Heather Bullard - Simply the most BEAUTIFUL site with tons of great ideas! Love, love, love!

Bless Our Nest - tons of ideas, tons of pictures! (Note: Jill, you gotta check this girl's Halloween decorating collection!! Look at her September archives - tons of cute stuff!)

The Inspired Room - everything on how to make your home beautiful! I save pictures from her site all the time and keep them in my "Home File". She is great!!

A Little of Everything:

The Farm Chicks - such a fun, pretty site! Little bit of decorating, cooking, gifts, etc. I wish I lived near Washington so I could go to their show in June.

Wedding/Event Planning:

Style Me Pretty - just about the BEST there is! Both Melinda and my wedding were featured on here - check them out: Danielle & Lee and Melinda & Cass

Snippet & Ink - beautiful, fun and a ton of great ideas!

All Things Lovely - gorgeous pictures for every color/theme you could ever want! I just scroll thru and look at all the pics.

Blush - little bit of everything! (invitations, beautiful pictures, gift ideas, life)


Lisa Russo - Incredible children's and family photographer in the Atlanta area. If I weren't poor - I would take Eli this very minute! She also shows you how to hang groupings (of pics) in your home. Very helpful!

One Love Photo - absolutely STUNNING photos! Makes me want to have another wedding...

Just some of the ones I pray for: (most of these will break your heart but inspire you at the same time!! I will let you just read their stories instead of me telling you about them.)

Gwendolyn Strong

Witt Harris Lupher

Cora Paige (please be praying for her family as she went to be with Jesus this past week)

What are some of your favorite blogs? I would love to check them out.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trip to Savannah

We had such a great weekend! Some of our best friends, Jonathan and Jennifer (see earlier post) invited us to travel with them to Savannah to pick up a boat. Jennifer's parents live in Savannah right on the water - amazing place!! J/J (as I call them) were heading there to pick up a boat from her parents and invited us to come along. Cass went as well so it there was a crowd in her parents 2 bedroom condo on the river. They were so gracious - Jennifer is definitely a product of her parents!
Eli was such a dream! He was in the car for about 6 hours both days traveling and was the happiest baby! He loves playing with toys now and played with his monkey rattle for about 3 hours both days. He took great naps and slept really well at night. We strapped him in the Baby Bjorn and walked all over downtown. He just kicked and cooed the entire time. He loved being outside and looking around but I think his most favorite thing (besides Mrs. Dudley) was their exotic fish tank. He would stare at it and just follow the fish around with his eyes. It was super cute!
I really haven't gone anywhere since this summer and I was so stir crazy. I really needed this - hours of girl talk (I was hoarse by the time we got there - haha!), relaxation with my man, and new adventures with Eli. It was fun and peaceful all in one. We hope to go back soon! It was a spur of the moment mini vacation but so worth it!!
Here are some pictures from our trip:

Me, Eli and Uncle Cass on River Street

Eli taking a nap (he has started LOVING a blankie and his blabla)

Eli with Jonathan - they were watching Cass play on the computer

Lee and Cass digging thru the trash in downtown (they came away with some actual treasures!)

All the boys went kayaking

Boys kayaking - this is the view right in front of their condo - you just walk right down to the water. We even saw dolphins right out here. They came right up to the dock and kayaks - it was so cool! We spent about 20 minutes watching them.