Monday, June 9, 2008

5 Random Things About Me

Okay so Mary tagged to come up with 5 random things about me that some of you may or may not know. I am not sure I want some of these things out and about! haha

1. I always have gum in my purse but not the kind that you would think. My grandmother has always chewed Freedent which won't stick to most dental work (hehe!) and I fell in love with it. So if it is old woman denture gum you want I WILL HAVE IT!

2. I am addicted to Celebrity magazines and websites - and are my top two favorite websites with US Weekly taking the reigning magazine spot. My dad even got me a subscription to US Weekly for Christmas this year - love him!

3. I have a torn ear lobe (my dog tag as my mom calls it) on my left ear. I was wearing hoop earrings in the 7th grade - was loading onto the bus to go to a football game - I was a cheerleader. A friend accidentally snagged my earring and almost pulled it thru - two years later, many earrings later it completely separated at a Lock In at my church. I have never gotten it fixed - just think, you could always identify my body! :) (just kidding)

4. I am one heck of a picky eater - make most people taste or smell my food before I will eat it especially if I am eating out. Too long of a story to go into...but it is true!

5. Even though I have naturally curly was straight for a long time. I was born with stick straight stringy hair - as it got longer it would have a slight wave to it. In the 6th grade, I chopped it off to my ears - wanted a bob like all the Egyptian girls in the Bangles "Walk Like an Egyptian" video. (it wasn't the best look for me) Once it started growing out it got curlier and curlier - by 8th grade I had a full head of curly hair and it has been that way ever since! I straighten it most of them time now but my dad's favorite is still when I wear it curly. Hope you enjoy some Bangles...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Guy...

Yesterdays post was all about the wonderful women I surround myself lucky am I? There was one friend that I left off yesterday...not just because he is a guy...but because he deserved his own post!
He is in a class of his very only guy friend! Sure, I could have others but when you have a friend like Mike you don't need any others. Mike and I met 10 years ago this year at good old Georgia College. We were both wide eyed kids who had dreams of changing the minds of children everywhere...taking it by storm! Then we stepped foot into a classroom...haha!

I could literally type all day about this are the highlights:
  • No one on the face of the earth can make you laugh harder!

  • He is by far the most creative person I know....I keep pushing him to write a book so we can settle down on some tropical island and sip toddies for the rest of our lives!
  • He is my all time favorite roomie - he cleaned!!!!

  • Atlanta will never be the same after experiencing it with him...the walks at midnight, the crazy neighbors, Screen on the Green, Fox movie premieres, pizza, Publix shopping, homeless people, Krispy Kreme, our crazy parking deck, wacko blind dates....and so much more!

  • The BEST teacher I have ever come in contact with....we all should be so lucky to have our children learn from him! If I were rich I would pay him whatever he wanted just to have him teach my children...literally, the best teacher on the planet!

  • Amber introduced us to concerts...but Madonna will always be ours! (no matter the cost)
  • Disney World takes on a whole new meaning when Mike Rawls steps onto the premise...right Daveed!

  • In sickness and health...we have dealt with the big ones and the small ones...this friendship can handle it!

Basically, Mike is the most geniune friend a person can have. There is no pretense, no bullshit, no judging....true blue friendship! My life however full of women friends could never be complete without this guy in my life. He is my love!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Girls...

Women are by far the luckiest in this world....our friendships with other women satisfy a craving like no other. It is like finding the perfect pair of jeans or a great pair of heels...once you've found them you hold on to them for dear life! I have been ridiculously blessed with phenomenal women in my life and couldn't imagine a day without them. Here is an ode to each one:
  1. Ginny - my mother, my friend, my rock. Her smell can comfort me more than words. Her tiny hands are my strength.
  2. Melinda - my soul mate and my sister. There are no words for the joy, happiness and love she has brought into my life. I have waited a lifetime...
  3. Mary - my dearest and bestest. We are the old pair of jeans that you never let go life without her doesn't work.
  4. Nicole - my truest and lovliest friend. No amount of space or time can come between our friendship and love...we are always on the same page.
  5. Kristin - my cousin, my friend. We have known each other the longest and she teaches me everyday how to be forgiving, loving, and a better woman.
  6. Melissa - my twin. We love the same the same way...want the same things. She is my other half.
  7. Beka - my supporter and teacher. She loves and supports and teaches without abandonment. She is ever constant.
  8. Amber - my treasure. She knows every part of my soul...the good, the bad, the ugly. She can make you laugh like you have never laughed and always puts in the time to be an incredible friend.
  9. Danielle - my sunshine. Her laughter and sweet hugs make me smile. She loves with her whole heart.
  10. Amy - my joy. To know her is to love will never experience more joy in a friendship than with her.
  11. My aunts - my mothers, my wisdom, my everything. I have been blessed with incredibly strong and beautiful aunts...they teach me everyday about love, marriage, relationships...and so much more! My life would not be complete without them.
  12. Jennifer - my newest and most fun. Her laugh will make you melt. Her joy for life will make you strive to be a better person.
  13. Susan - my teacher, my mother in law. She gave me the greatest gift I could ever husband. Kindness is her middle name...I owe so much to her.
  14. My grandmothers - my heart. I have been blessed with two amazing women who live life and love to the fullest. My life is because of them.
  15. Kim - my friend, my other mother in law. She loves me unconditionally and without reserve...rare to find!

The list could go on and on....I try to surround myself with wonderful women. I went on Sunday to see Sex and the City with Mary...beyond being great it reminded me of my friendships with all of these amazing women. My favorite parts in the movie are when the testament of friendship is shown. Women just know how to fight for, comfort, support, teach, and love one another. One of my favorite books, Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge says this...

"Women friends unabashedly dive into matters of the heart. The gift of friendship among women is a treasure not to be taken lightly. Women friends become the face of God to one another - the face of grace, of delight, of mercy. To have a woman friend is to relax into another soul and be welcomed in all that you are and all that you are not. When God gives a friend, he is entrusting us with the care of another's heart."

Treasure your friendships....let those women know today how much you adore them!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Why not?

Since I have been so slack in blogging lately...thought I would do two in one night!
My cutie pie husband has been working his butt off (thank God not literally!) at work and has been putting in some long hours. Memorial Day was a day of rest for many but he had to go finish up a house that was closing on that Wednesday. I went with him to help since two is much better than one! I went around this 5200 sq ft house and put blue tape on any mark, scratch or nick I found...then he would come thru and fix it. It was a long couple hours but we had a great time laughing and singing songs in this big ole house! Here are some pictures...

Things I Love During Pregnancy...

My cravings keep moods are up and down...thought I would share some of my pregnancy favorites.
  1. Candy - I have always loved candy more than cake or cookies. Pregnancy has increased this love! Tonight my favorite is Starbursts - yum!

  2. Old Navy Yoga Pants - I live in these! I wish they came in more colors but only in gray and black so far. They are so comfy on the belly!!
  3. Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfume - so feminine and light enough for me not to get a headache. I am in love!

  4. Jim 'N Nicks Brisket Sandwich - BUT I have to have Sonny's Sweet Sauce and a Clausen pickle. They know me in the drive thru! :)

  5. Tropicana Pink Lemonade - I drink water all day long but when I splurge on something else it is definately this! I really do have a bottle in my car (just in case) and one at my house. haha!

  6. Soft Lips Vanilla Chapstick w/ SPF 20 - I have never really worn chapstick but I have fallen in love with this stuff. I literally have it all over my purse!

  7. Bali Seductive Curves Underwire Bra - I found these bras in Destin at the Bali outlet (thank you Jennifer!!) and am in heaven! They have wide straps, 3 hooks in the back, underwire AND foam cups which is essential. I don't know what I am going to do when I outgrow these - they only make them in certain sizes!! YIKES!

  8. Palmers Body Oil and Stretch Mark Cream - it is a complete system that takes me a while but I am determined to do all I can to help my dry, itchy skin. I start with some regular lotion mixed with the body oil over the entire body then I use the SM cream on the belly, boobs and bottom. Maybe I will be blessed with no stretch marks...

    Saving the best two for last....
9. My husband - What more can I say than I love him! He has been absolutely amazing during the past 24 weeks...from going to the grocery store multiple times, to helping me figure out what sounds good to eat, to bathing the dogs once (or twice) a week, to rubbing my back or head when it hurts, to driving me to the hospital in the middle of the night and being happy and supportive...he literally is my very best friend and I am so blessed to be going thru this amazing process with him. Baby, I love you more than you know!
10. My belly and Eli - There are literally no words for this love! God has blessed me with this sweet child growing in my belly and I am forever thankful. I enjoy...absolutely LOVE being pregnant and cannot wait to meet my son! I am constantly rubbing my belly...I think I am going to be really sad when I have Eli and my belly is gone. are my heart!