Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why not?

Lee does not like this picture nor does he like for me to do this...but I think it is hysterical!! As Beka told me the other day...I am a in your face lover to my child...always in his face loving on him! I kiss him a million times a day and smell him...ooh! it is wonderful! Sometimes when I am doing this and little man is hungry...well, he finds my nose and starts to suck on the tip of it! :) I mean it isn't like he is attached to the nostril and sucking things out...that would just be gross! So tell me what you think...cute or gross?

Friends and Family...

I am going to be a busy girl today I think...have a lot of pictures to download and a couple posts to do. Make sure you read them all! haha

A couple weeks ago Shannon, Mary and their girls (minus Audrey who was in school) came by to visit me and Eli. What fun!! Sloane and Anna Kathryn played in Eli's nursery with all the baby toys while us grown up girls oohed and ahhed over Eli and caught up. Anna Kathryn wanted to hold Eli over and over...she was such a little mommy! I took the girls outside for a quick photo op but they wanted to hold hands and hop in the grass more than pose. :)

This past week we went to Doug and Danielle's house to see Josie and baby Sim. Josie was so cute holding him - just look at those curls!! Sim wanted to kiss him and kiss him some more - PRECIOUS!! I can't wait to watch these guys all grow up together. Eli and Sim are only 9 months apart so I am sure they will be best of buds!

We also spent some time with my mom's family in early October for my Aunt Dorie's birthday. Eli loved his aunties and great grandparents!!!

Here are some pictures (last ones for this post I promise!!) from last night at my parents house. Eli is 6 1/2 weeks old and finally fitting into his newborn clothes (thanks Sim for letting me borrow you ultra cute outfit!). Dad aka Capt and Mom aka Gigi just can't get enough of any of us can? :)

Dad is making "pooting" noises with his mouth and Eli was POOTING for real! Look at his eyes in the picture - so cute! We were laughing so hard!! (the boy definitely has some gas issues)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekend Fun

I know I have been so slack on blogging lately...but it is hard to find the time right now to sit down and pick out the pictures and think about what to type. I am going to post a couple posts in the next day so check out what has been going on in our life!!
This past weekend was very busy...but so fun! My cousin, Jason came to stay with us on his way back from Florida...he lives in Boston with his daughter, Amelia. His girlfriend, Jen, came with them and we had a great visit! Amelia was IN LOVE with the dogs...they were so sad to see her leave since she is the ONLY person in 6 weeks to pay them any attention. haha! We all had dinner at my parents house and went to my grandmother's church to walk thru Judgement House. We slept in late and caught up over bagels and coffee. Jason couldn't get enough of Eli and held him and loved on him the entire time. We enjoyed you guys so much! Come back anytime!!

Then Friday night we had Jason and Michelle's rehearsal dinner in Atlanta at Coco Loco which is the BEST Cuban food in Atlanta! I had never had Cuban food (and we know how picky I am with food) and I ate every yummy! YOU MUST GO!! Eli went with us to the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner. He did so good...slept the entire time...except the last 15 minutes. Everyone enjoyed seeing him!

Me and Eli at Coco Loco

Saturday was a DAY! Eli didn't sleep very well on Friday night so I was exhausted on Saturday. I had to get up early and head to the mall since none of my dresses fit...nor my shoes! I know, I know...I should have figured that out before the day of the wedding but I just thought it would all work. IT DIDN'T!! My lovelies don't fit into any dresses or tops don't realize how big they are when all you wear are tee shirts and tank tops. I tried on every dress...NOTHING fit! So I knew I had to get a dress....but was hoping that my black satin peep toe heels (that I am IN LOVE with) would fit since I am slowly shrinking...but NO! none of my shoes fit except for boots, tennis shoes and flip flops. Needless to say, I ran to Macy's for an hour and luckily found a dress and some heels...all on sale!

Me and Lee at the wedding - he was a groomsman!

Me and Jennifer - Love that girl!!

Leebo, Shannon, Me and Justin - Shannon is Jason's sister and growing up she and Lee always said they would get married. Justin and I messed that plan up evidently! You should see the two of them dance - INCREDIBLE!

The wedding was fun to see everyone! It was a wonderful friends were there...dancing...good food...more was fun! ask where was Eli? Yes, we had a date night because Beka and David were so gracious to keep Eli for us. I dropped him off around 5pm and we didn't get to their house until after 1am. In her sweet voice, Beka said "He was easy...I twirled him in my fingers all night". He was happy...she was happy...we were happy...what more could you ask for?? Much love to Beka and Dave for keeping our little man!!

Eli relaxing in Daddy's arm at Beka and Dave's house - boy, was that bed comfy!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

One Month

Wow....time sure flies! I cannot believe that Eli is a month old today. It just doesn't seem like that could be possible! He is such a in love with him and this life that God has graciously blessed me with. Here are some of our favorite moments with Eli and his milestones so far:

            • We go for a walk almost every day - he loves being outside! He can be fussy and you can just walk outside and stand in our driveway - the boy will stop crying and look all around.

            • Cap (aka Dan) comes to see Eli almost every 2 days - he is so cute! They are both in love with each other and it is the neatest thing to watch.

            • Roscoe and Winston are still adjusting - Roscoe has given in and likes Eli now - will lick his hand or foot every now and then. AND if you aren't watching Roscoe will curl up in the Boppy - it is his favorite thing! Winston is still fighting the good fight - he thinks he is still "Top Dog" around these parts. (poor guy!)

            • Eli loves bath time except when you get him out - he HATES being cold! (and that includes wiping his bootie with a cold wipe - watch out!)

            • He is now starting to fit into some 0 - 3 month clothes - BARELY! I did have to buy him some Preemie pants so that he could continue to wear his tiny little onesies in this chilly weather.

            • He loves sleeping in his co-sleeper (thanks Mary!) but would rather nap in his swing or of course...on you!

            • He nurses like a champ now -- and mommy could supply an entire hospital ward of babies with milk. haha!!

            • He is only waking up once during the night for a feeding which has been nice. I am not forcing him to go all night yet...he breaks my heart when he cries!

            • We took him to his first Heritage football game - he slept right thru the entire thing!

            • He had his first night out on the town on Saturday - we went to Jenny and Mack's wedding. It was so beautiful and Eli enjoyed looking at all the twinkly lights. He was the hit of the party!

            • He went to his first soccer game (Lee is playing ADASL - 1st Division) yesterday. Daddy's team won and Eli was super excited!

            • He is so strong - he is holding his head up, turning it from side to side, and can push off with his legs - actually holds himself up!

            • Waking up is my most favorite time with Eli - I start undoing his swaddle and he starts stretching and making the CUTEST faces ever! He is like a little old man - scrunches his forehead up and purses his lips. I want to eat him up!

            There are so many more....I could go on and on but that would bore you and probably embarrass poor Eli! (think I will be THAT mom!) Anyways, life is awesome...we are loving our boy and each other. It couldn't get any better than this! Here are some recent pics...enjoy!

            Thursday, October 2, 2008

            2 Years and 2 Weeks

            Here is our little family...married for 2 years and Eli 2 weeks old!

            I won!!!

            I really NEVER do win anything...maybe things are turning around for me! :) I am a daily stalker of Jessica Turner's blog...she is a new mom to Elias (So cute!), scrapbooking queen and is very honest and funny about her "real" life. I love it! She was given 25 mini albums to hand out to people like me who wanted to document their "life as it is right now"...and all I had to do was leave a comment. Out of the hundreds...I was one of the ones chosen! WOOHOO!! So, I am patiently waiting on my mini album so I can get started. Check out her blog to see the one she just created...super cute! Thanks Jessica!!

            Wednesday, October 1, 2008

            Favorite Things

            So...Mary has inspired us all to make a list of our favorite things. Melin did it too....check them out! Here are some of mine: (no particular order)

            • Eli's sweet smell when he is sleeping
            • Fall weather...isn't it divine?
            • Yummy mashed potatoes...creamy yet some lumps
            • Lee's hands and arms
            • Clean sheets right out of the dryer
            • Reading a good book....outside, in the bed, on the couch, anywhere!
            • Falling asleep with a book...can you tell I like to read?
            • Swinging...wish I had a new playset! :)
            • Cooking dinner for my family
            • Laughing with my girlfriends
            • Hearing my brother's voice
            • Baby kicks in the belly...already miss it!
            • Eli's little noises when he is sleeping
            • My mother's smell and touch of her hand
            • Hearing my dad laugh
            • Lee's kisses on my head
            • My brother's bear hugs
            • Memories with my great grandmother - Helen Allnoch Daniel (my namesake)
            • Playing paper dolls with my Mema
            • Walking with my mom
            • Half sweet half unsweet tea from Chick-fil-a
            • Crunchy, shaved ice (Zaxby's, Jim and Nicks, Sonic, Piedmont Hospital)
            • Pedicures....ahh!
            • Getting my eyebrows waxed
            • Walking around the square in Covington with my man, the pups and Eli
            • Listening to praise music
            • New magazines
            • Looking out my window at all the trees...changing leaves
            • Fresh smell of a summer rain
            • Driving with Lee with the windows down...we like to just cruise around sometimes.
            • Watching Eli wake up...all his stretches and yawns
            • A hot bath...wish I had a giant tub!
            • A clean kitchen and laundry the smell and sound! (what I am listening to now!)
            • Hearing Lee tell me he loves me
            • Watching a good movie
            • Looking forward to something...
            • My relationship with my family
            • Winston and Roscoe....still love them! :)
            • Having dinner with friends
            • Getting the mail
            • Sitting at the beach in the late afternoon watching the waves, the sunset and reading a good book
            • Going on vacation with my husband
            • My backyard
            • The blessing of my child...the love of my husband!

            What are your favorite things? I would love to hear.