Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Favorite Things

So...Mary has inspired us all to make a list of our favorite things. Melin did it too....check them out! Here are some of mine: (no particular order)

  • Eli's sweet smell when he is sleeping
  • Fall weather...isn't it divine?
  • Yummy mashed potatoes...creamy yet some lumps
  • Lee's hands and arms
  • Clean sheets right out of the dryer
  • Reading a good book....outside, in the bed, on the couch, anywhere!
  • Falling asleep with a book...can you tell I like to read?
  • Swinging...wish I had a new playset! :)
  • Cooking dinner for my family
  • Laughing with my girlfriends
  • Hearing my brother's voice
  • Baby kicks in the belly...already miss it!
  • Eli's little noises when he is sleeping
  • My mother's smell and touch of her hand
  • Hearing my dad laugh
  • Lee's kisses on my head
  • My brother's bear hugs
  • Memories with my great grandmother - Helen Allnoch Daniel (my namesake)
  • Playing paper dolls with my Mema
  • Walking with my mom
  • Half sweet half unsweet tea from Chick-fil-a
  • Crunchy, shaved ice (Zaxby's, Jim and Nicks, Sonic, Piedmont Hospital)
  • Pedicures....ahh!
  • Getting my eyebrows waxed
  • Walking around the square in Covington with my man, the pups and Eli
  • Listening to praise music
  • New magazines
  • Looking out my window at all the trees...changing leaves
  • Fresh smell of a summer rain
  • Driving with Lee with the windows down...we like to just cruise around sometimes.
  • Watching Eli wake up...all his stretches and yawns
  • A hot bath...wish I had a giant tub!
  • A clean kitchen and laundry the smell and sound! (what I am listening to now!)
  • Hearing Lee tell me he loves me
  • Watching a good movie
  • Looking forward to something...
  • My relationship with my family
  • Winston and Roscoe....still love them! :)
  • Having dinner with friends
  • Getting the mail
  • Sitting at the beach in the late afternoon watching the waves, the sunset and reading a good book
  • Going on vacation with my husband
  • My backyard
  • The blessing of my child...the love of my husband!

What are your favorite things? I would love to hear.


Melinda Williams Moore said...

Uh, I LOVE GETTING THE MAIL. I will will race Cass and elbow him out of the way in order to be the one to fetch the mail.

*elbows knocking*

"MINE!" Melinda cries, "ALL MINE!"


Mary said...

what a great list - i found myself agreeing with you on so many of them. no wonder we're best friends!!! :)
love you big!

and i loved having your little prince last night - he's at the top of my list!!! ;)

Rebekah Hudgins said...

I love your list and I love getting the mail. I love it so much that I send mail to others to sweeten their experience. I am a dork.

Happy Day!