Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Audrey Claire

Her name is one of my favorites...just love saying it! I will never forget the day that Mary called me to tell me she was pregnant...then when she called to tell me it was a girl...and of course the call I got from Aunt Sherri telling me that Audrey had arrived! I was sitting in my classroom at Bonaire Elementary School reading a book to my students...we were all waiting for the call as we knew Mary was in labor and all my students knew who Mary was. The phone rang and within minutes I was crying sweet tears of joy! My students were jumping up and down and we spent the rest of the day making cards for Mary and Audrey. I first held her when she was barely 24 hours old...such a cute little Eskimo in my arms! From that moment I was in love! (How could you not be? Have you seen the girl?)

I had the best day with her the other day and I wanted to reminisce....thought I would share! Usually when I end up keeping the girls I end up running around chasing Sloane and completely miss talking to Audrey. I was babysitting the other day for a couple hours and Sloane slept the entire time I was there...missed that happy girl but it gave me and Audrey tons of time to just talk and play.

I can't believe that she will be starting kindergarten in less than a week!! She is a bit nervous about being away from Mary all day but kinda excited at the same time. Since I had experience talking "school" she and I sat down for about an hour and talked about how great kindergarten was going to be. She didn't know that they would still get to have recess, eat snacks, play with toys, and have show-n-tell. You should have seen her face when I told her that not only would she get to do all of that but she would have art class, computer class, field day, book fairs and so much more! I told her about my experience teaching elementary school and how fun kindergarten actually was. (now 1st grade is when it really changes -watch out Audg!!)

After all of our school talk, she set up a stage in the living room and performed her latest gymnastics/dance routine. She almost has her cartwheel perfected! And her front roll is amazing! We laughed and talked about how Sloane was too young to be doing all of this fun stuff - Audrey definitely felt like a big girl! Then we went outside and played on the swing set....well, she played as I sat in a chair and cheered her on!

All in all, it was a great time with Audrey and a day that I will remember. I can't wait to hear how her first day at kindergarten goes....I am just sure she is going to love it! So, Audrey Claire...your Andelle loves you and hopes that we can have many more days together like last Thursday. I love you sweet pea!


Mary said...

We-lllll!!! How sweet!
I can't wait to read this to her and show her that she's headlining with her full name and everything! Love that - thanks for loving her the way you do, she's been your girl for a long time and the fact that your friendship will continue to be a constant in her life for years to come is really heartwarming to me - love you so!!!

The Hill Family said...

Audrey is so blessed to have her Andelle!! You are such a great auntie!! My kids will adopt you any day!!

ps...so glad you are blogging again! i was having withdrawals! xoxo!!