Friday, August 1, 2008

What a Phone Call...

I just received! It came up as my dad was the one calling but lo and behold! it was Patrick Dempsey calling me. No I am not joking...still in shock myself!

My sweet, incredible, awesome dad just made this happen and I am wishing I could squeeze his neck right now! I know that most girls are daddy's girls but this man hung the moon...gotta love him! My dad who didn't know who Patrick Dempsey was nor had ever seen Can't Buy Me Love or Grey's Anatomy has actually hung out with Patrick a couple times thru racing. See my dad drives a hauler for a race team and works on the pit crew sometimes...he will be at a race when Patrick is there. I remember when I first told my dad that Patrick was a huge movie/TV star and my dad was like "Really? I sat across from him at breakfast this morning and talked to him for about 30 minutes. He seems like just one of the nice". I of course am in shock that my dad doesn't realize who exactly he is talking too...but I guess this is what any celebrity wants...anonymity on their days off and just being "one of the guys".
So anyway my dad was supposed to be in New Jersey this week with his race team but they ended up only needing one truck. Then he got a phone call asking if he could drive Patrick's hauler to Montreal for the Grand-Am Rolex Series race. He of course was going! He has been hanging out with Patrick all week....always says how genuinely nice he is and so polite to everyone. The race was at 4pm today but is being shown on Speed Channel tonight at 8pm. I talked to my dad right before the race...the team was super pumped and excited! Then I got a phone call around 7pm...Lee was getting my phone for glad he didn't answer the phone! This is basically how the conversation went....

Danielle: Hey Daddy!

Dad/Patrick: Hello?

Danielle: Hello?

Patrick: Hey, this is Patrick not your dad.

Danielle: UH...Hi! (start to freak out...but he had no clue!)

Patrick: I just wanted to let you know that your dad is evidently our good luck charm. We just came in the top 10 in the race.

Danielle: That is awesome!

Patrick: Yeah...your dad is great!

Danielle: He is a pretty awesome guy! I am so excited for y'all.

Patrick: Yep..well he was our good luck charm.

Danielle: Well, I am so happy...and thanks for calling me. You didn't have to do that and I really appreciate the phone call. It made my day!

Patrick: No problem! Have a nice is your dad.

(then my dad accidentally hung up on me)

I was just sitting in the complete shock. Lee had no idea what was going on...he just knew that I was slightly freaking out and was really red and waving my hands up and down. As soon as the call ended my mouth hit the floor and I kinda started know how shock can make you crazy?? ;) I couldn't believe that I had just gotten off the phone with Patrick Dempsey...he really didn't need to tell me his could tell it was him just by his voice.

My dad called me back and asked if I was off the floor yet...haha! He said that they were all sitting around after the race super pumped with their performance. He looked at Patrick and said "You know how dads want to really impress their daughters sometimes?" Patrick said he knew exactly what my dad was talking about. My dad then asked him if he would call me to tell me how they did in the race. He said Patrick smiled and said "Absolutely...give me your phone and I will call her right now."

My mom actually met him last weekend...but did she get a phone call from him? I don't think so! hehe Just kidding. Needless to say, I am on cloud 9 and will probably be here for a while. I wonder if Eli could tell how excited I got? made my year...thank you so much! Patrick...(I know he is reading this) that was by far the coolest thing...thank you! And also to Lee...thanks for letting me ooh and ahh for the past hour. I would totally do the same if Jennifer Aniston called him tomorrow night...

(I am aware that I have used a ton of exclamation points but do you blame me...look at him??!!)


Mary said...

This definitely rivals my Randy Owen meeting! Sorta feels like it happened to me!! I'm so jealous - does Patrick need another admiring fan's phone number? If so, I'm his girl!!! He can call me tomorrow!!
Enjoy that cloud, Doll!!! This is pretty much the ultimate!!!
I've thought about what I would have said to him if I had a minute to prepare my thoughts.
1.) I LOVED YOU IN "Enchanted" (sort of enchanted right now)!!
2.) Please tell me that Derek/you make it back to Meredith atop the hill/outline of their house with all the candles on the season premiere.
Inquiring minds. :)

Danielle said...

Are you kidding me??? Go Dan!!!! Boy oh boy does your daddy get some brownie points for this or what :)
And I agree with know my phone number should he want to make anymore sweet calls :)


kelli :) said...
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Kelli :) said...

Sorry, the removed comment was me! I was under the wrong email.

I'm so totally and completely jealous!
Btw, i've been a lurker! Sorry! but I just HAD to comment on this one! You're dad is pretty great! I would of been FREAKING OUT! I don't know what I would have said to him... :)

The Hill Family said...

this reminds me of how i felt after walking into Graceland for the first time...well, kind of.

as i was reading the dialogue of your phone call, my heart was pounding for you!! thanks for sharing this with all of us paparazzi out here! ;)

green with envy,

Jill :)

Tracey said...

McDreamy.... Are you kidding!!! How awesome is that! You are so lucky!!

Better you than me b/c I get tongue tied just talking to people I know much less a hot famous person!! I'm smiling over here in my neck of the woods for you!!
By the way you are gorgeous pregnant, you are absolutely glowing!!!

Kelli :) said...

Hey! I'm not really sure.
I went from one blog to another
and at some point ended up on yours!
&& congratulations on your pregnancy!
I hope everything goes well!

kristinandmillie said...

pretty cool phone call to get! that's for sure. tell him we said hi the next time you talk to him!! haha...

tab said...

Wow! What a cool phone call. Your dad rocks:)

sarah said...

Man! I am so wishing you could have taped that phone conversation! Now you need to convince your dad to have 20+ girls assisting him next race!

audrey said...

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