Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things I love...

about my son...there are so many!

  • his infectious laugh!

  • his ability to make everything wrong in my life melt away with one look...and those eyelashes.

  • his love for his daddy.

  • the way he picks up his food and puts it is in mouth...super cute! {can't describe it}

  • how sucks on his paci when he is really tired.

  • how he immediately lights up when he sees Capt or Gigi.

  • his super cute grunting noises he makes...he will wait to see if you will do it with him and then it never stops...or either he will start laughing!

  • how happy is his 99.9% of the time...I am so blessed!

  • his snaggle tooth grin.

  • his toes...oh his toes!

  • his one auburn curl that sometimes looks like a rat tail. Oh my! ;)

  • how he lifts one leg up when he is standing up reaching for the TV or his books.

  • his love of food.

  • how happy and content he is in the morning.

  • seeing him sleeping on his side or tummy...breathing sweetly. Makes me want to crawl in the crib with him!

....and most of all...his sweet kisses...and my new favorite that he started doing yesterday...a hug!


emily said...

he is such a cutie...
about the he moving out of an infant carrier?
if so, we have always liked the cosco brand car seats. i've heard britax is good too.
but the main thing is to keep him turned backwards till he is 2...i'm a huge advocate of this. milo is still turned around and we won't turn him forward for a long time (he's now over 2). there is a link on my blog for extended rear facing. if you get a chance watch the few videos they have on there. you will be amazed at how much safer they are turned backwards. let me know if you have any more questions!!

Melinda Williams Moore said...

Ooh, I love the hand waves he does when he wants something. Cass and I have started doing that to each other when we want something, or to get each others attention. We have also developed a really "cool guy" handshake, but that's a whole different story.

Waving my hands at you from over here!


The Hill Family said...

Such a sweet post, Danielle. You are a wonderful Momma.

Happy Birthday, sweet, handsome, Eli!!

big kisses on those adorable cheeks,