Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eli's Likes and Dislikes

This post may be boring to most...but I really just want to document it for me and for him. This week is all about him! :)

  • Taking a bath or a shower - especially if you pour water over his head or he will go under and blow bubbles

  • Being outside watching things

  • Finding airplanes or helicopters in the sky

  • His paci and blanket at nap or bed time

  • Elmo

  • When Daddy comes home from work - he is becoming such a Daddy's boy

  • Mommy's laptop or Blackberry

  • Any kind of food but I would say Goldfish, tomatoes, yogurt and cheese are his favorites right now

  • His sippy cups filled with water {no juice}

  • Drinking ice water out of our glasses

  • His new fave: taking a drink of water and gurgling or just opening his mouth and letting it all fall out. Results in a VERY wet baby!


  • Being told no - playing w/ laptop, pulling books down off shelf, playing in dog's water bowl, etc
  • Getting his pajamas on at night after his bath

  • When the food on this tray is gone - he pitches a fit - you have to be fast.
  • Driving in the car for long periods of time.

  • Wiping his face after he eats - absolutely hates it!


Jennifer Michelle said...

To Cute! Wish we could be there for the big shindig :(


Danielle said...

Me too...so sad you guys won't be here! Maybe next year!! :)

Danielle said...

I think EVERY baby hates getting their face wiped!! It's a requirement :) Give him love from us!!