Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A little catch up...

Wow...my blog has been seriously neglected. I think way back when I promised myself that I would blog just as much once I had my 2nd child just like I had when I just had one. No one informed me that it is hard to do! haha I am blaming those people...certainly not myself! ;)

A little catch up:

Eli turned 3 (my goodness!!) in September and is definitely all boy! He loves all kinds of racecars - pretty much can tell you the difference in any of them whether it be a Porsche, Ferrari, Prototype or Nascar car. He watches Indy and Nascar on TV...it is always on DVR and is his number one request when asked what he wants to watch. He has been obsessed with Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart for a while but also loves Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, David Ragan to name a few. He calls them by there entire names and is constantly "racing" somewhere. He has about 200 matchbox cars and carries them everywhere and sleeps with them every night. No more paci...no more blankie...just race cars!

He started preschool a couple months ago and loves it! He goes twice a week and is learning so much. He is still a HUGE talker...ha, wonder where he gets that from? He is sweet and loving always wanting to kiss and love on you. He is very strong willed and wants his way but we are worrking with him on this. He has the sweetest curls and the longest lashes...both literally melt my heart. He is my buddy and I am smitten still with my boy!

My sweet precious girl, Molly, turned 1 in June and is such a joy! She is our dare devil...not afraid of anything! She is walking around almost running and loves to laugh and squeal...mostly squeal! :) She loves to climb anything and can climb up the slide and up ladder to the playhouse. You have to really watch her! She isn't saying that much that you can understand but she "talks" all day. She can say: Mama, Dada, Eli, Hey baby and uh oh. She waves bye, claps her hands, pints to everything and loves to play peek a boo. Her most favorite thing to do is to look at herself in a mirror (we might be in trouble!) and play. She can be a bit of a diva and throw some temper tantrums but we just laugh. She is usually in a great mood and is so happy...makes me smile every time I look at her! <3

We moved to Loganville in August and are loving our new house. Lee is much closer to work which makes a difference in how much we see him. We are also super closet to Lee's dad/stepmom and my parents which have been a big help. We are still looking for a church home and hope to have a place soon.

Well, I have TONS to catch you up on but that's all for today. It feels good to be back. Missed this!


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